To: United States Congress

WE CAN Invites Support ~ For the People Act

WE CAN Invites Support ~ For the People Act

Dear Congressman,

Please be on the right side of history and take action today to make it easier for Americans to participate in the most fundamental part of our democracy--voting.

Why is this important?

Vote by mail, sensible voter ID requirements, same-day voter registration, online voter registration, allowing those who have served their time to vote, and offering residents of Washington, DC representation in Congress is not too much to ask in a healthy democracy.

Take action TODAY to ensure that all Americans who wish to vote, can do so, without the risk of having their name removed from voter rolls on the whim of any individual.

Please show the world how a healthy democracy should work!

How it will be delivered

Given the ongoing pandemic and additional security measures at the U.S. Capitol, WE CAN will deliver the petitions to Members of Congress via email. If we have the opportunity to deliver them in person, we will!